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We would like to share the introductory tutorial to PL/SQL with you. And we aim to you to understand the basic concepts of PL/SQL.Please review the following tutorials and practice the sample SQL Statements on your local Oracle Database.

SQL, PLSQL, and SQL SQL *Plus - Introduction

We are excited to let you know that we are launching shortly The New Technology Learning Series. We will be starting with Oracle 9i: SQL, PLSQL, and SQL *Plus. Below is the course schedule by week. Please let us know if you have suggestions.

SQL, PLSQL, and SQL *Plus - Software Installation and References

Before we actually start with the lessons, we need to install and setup Oracle on your pc to be able to practice. I would recommend all of you to install Oracle before you start with any of our lessons in the following weeks.

Introduction to Oracle 9i:SQL, PLSQL. and SQL *Plus

After completing this week's section you will learn about the basic concepts on SQL, SQL *Plus and PL/SQL. Please use discussion board if you have any questions, we will help you with more details explanation. If you don't understand and practice in the order we provide it will be difficult for you to learn Oracle.

Building PL/SQL Blocks

This Week we will be learning about Creating PL/SQL Blocks which includes Declaration Section, Variables, Scope of Variables, Constants Records, Manipulating Data in PL/SQL and Using DML in PL/SQL .

PL/SQL Control Structures

This tutorial teaches about how to structure flow of control through a PL/SQL program. The control structures of PL/SQL are simple yet powerful. Control structures in PL/SQL can be divided into selection or conditional, iterative and sequential.

PL/SQL Collections

This tutorial covers Defining and Using Collections - Declaring, Initializing, and Referencing PL/SQL Collections and Collection Methods - Using the Collection Methods.

Identifying PL/SQL Objects

In this tutorial you will learn about indentifying PL/SQL Objects like Packages, Procedures and Functions using SQL Plus based examples and illustrations.

Please note that you must master all these basic technologies before actually starting the Advanced Oracle Concepts in the OCP Certification track. This post is free to print for your offline preparation. And fell free to send emails to support@certkey.com, if you want to ask me any questions.

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