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Recently, Juniper Networks further demonstrates its industry-leading technology and engineering by introducing the industry's first Converged Supercore for service and content providers. As widely known, Juniper's Converged Supercore serves an integrated end-to-end packet transport solution optimized to deliver the switching and transport technology necessary to simplify the core networking needs of service providers and guarantee they are available for the new connected economy. But we all intend to know what makes Juniper's Converged Supercore so special? Juniper's new architecture blends best-in-class optical transport with industry-leading packet switching, making the best use of both technologies.

Here are the explanations. The engine of the new Converged Supercore is Juniper Networks PTX Series Packet Transport Switch, another industry-first. The PTX Series switch consolidates optical transport with the efficiency and scalability of packet switching, and has been purpose-built to take the uncertainty and cost out of core network provisioning, resulting in network CAPEX cost savings of up to 65 percent compared to traditional architectures designed for similar traffic circumstances.

So what will this new technology bring about? The new Converged Supercore architecture and solution set was developed to provide service providers with a more economical and effective model for building and maintaining their core transport networks. We believe that with Juniper's Converged Supercore, service providers can improve service delivery and the quality of experience for their customers, while extracting network costs, thereby avoiding a breakdown in the economics of core network future. All Juniper Networks product related information and comparisons are based on internal testing results, publicly available information regarding competitive offerings and under some conditions, social requirements.

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